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EMBRIOMARKET S.L. is a company dedicated to the trade of bovine genetics, mainly embryos and advice to the farmer on the selection and improvement of livestock. The business plan is based on commercial brokerage commission, contacting sellers with buyers without needing to interact. The basic tool is an internet platform whose modern and powerful web page is equipped with an information and communication system to customers agile and efficient. Embriomarket is born of professionals of the sector with a strong implantation and prestige, besides long experience in this type of commerce. It is complemented by the company of services specialized in embryonic transfer and authorized for intraCommunity trade, EMBRIOVET SL, also with a strong implantation and prestige in the sector throughout Spain. EMBRIOVET and EMBRIOMARKET form a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE of the type JOINT VENTURE whose joint ACTION offers the customer the most complete services of embryonic transfer, genetic counseling and marketing, including import and export, combining the internet platform and the continuous flow of information with the presence and technical work on the farms. Customer loyalty is a maxim that we pursue by offering seriousness, quality and guarantee of service every day.

It is an objective of EMBRIOMARKET to establish agreements with other companies and organizations of the sector whose union strengthens the markets and interests of both, extending and improving the offer of services and opportunities to our customers. The alliance EMBRIOMARKET & EMBRIOVET has already established the following alliances:

  • UCOGA: insurance brokerage, specialized in the agricultural and livestock sector. In collaboration with Ucoga, Embriomarket advises livestock farmers on the most appropriate policies for hedging risks on their farm. Formalizing its policies of lines of Agroseguro but also the coverage of its installations, RC, crops, and a long etcetera.
  • WBA: With this alliance with Wagyu Breeders Association , Embriomarket is the only one authorized to proceed with the registration of Wagyu animals born in Spain; This will enable them to register in the UK Genealogical Book, which is in turn a registered partner in Australia (AWA).


EMBRIOVET and EMBRIOMARKET form a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE whose joint action offers the client the most complete services of embryonic transfer, genetic counseling and marketing, including import and export, combining the internet platform and the continuous flow of information with the presence and technical work on the farms.

Daniel Martínez Bello

Vet, specialist in embryonic transfer. His initial formation with Canadian sinature of the highest technical level, has been continuously completed by courses and stays in centers of Europe and USA that allow him to be in the vanguard of the biotechnology of the reproduction. It has the experience of having actively participated in more than 3.000 flushings and 14.000 embryo transfers, and performs OPU-FIV since January 2013. After having directed for 19 years the U.T.E. de Bos, it has obtained the recognition of breeders and technicians thanks to the endorsement of its results, not only in Galicia, but in many other points of Spain. It currently serves the reproduction and genetics department of the T.E. project of "Blanca from the Pyrenees- Ponderosa Holsteins" in Lleida, simultaneously with its dedication to the company EMBRIOVET SL. created after the closure of the U.T.E. de Bos.

Its role in Embriomarket includes support for the commercial department, and logistical support by being in continuous contact with the customers of both companies. Embriovet as authorised equipment for intraCommunity trade provides the infrastructure necessary for trade in embryos, together with the guarantees and certifications required for movements, in addition to the veterinary service and its general advice ( health, import/export, etc).

Puri López Ramil

Economist (CCEE) and Master in management of companies and cooperatives, has 20 years of experience in business management and accounting and tax advice. Her professional career has allowed her to obtain experience in the livestock and insurance sector, having organized and managed the constitution and start up of innumerable business projects, to which it has provided soundness of approach and appropriate guidance.

Her function in EMBRIOVET & EMBRIOMARKET is the administrative management, taking responsibility for the entire management of the company and its transactions in intermediation and commerce, invoicing, financial and fiscal matters, control and ultimately management in general. Her advice will be available for tax and accounting matters related to the invoicing and marketing of services and embryos in all available modes.

Martín Bonet Bo

Vet, specialist in bovine. With a background in reproduction and genetics, he has done a stay at the University of Florida.