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MOBILE LABS: our mobile laboratory units are equipped to provide all services with full autonomy anywhere. Designed and constructed in accordance with the legislation in force, they have a part for the storage of materials and equipment that contact the animals and a clean part of laboratory equipped with very high quality equipment that allow to carry out a reliable job to reach the best results. 

PERMANENT LAB: has a room specifically built for the storage of embryos. This embryo bank is recognised by the competent authority and bounded to its inspections. We have numerous thermos of liquid Nitrogen and also thermos type "Dry shipper" valid for transport, even by plane. The supply contract of N.L. twice a month guarantees the good conservation of the embryos of our customers. The computerised processing of the data allows the complete traceability of the movements of the embryos and the good management and order of the embryo bank.

This laboratory is equipped with a zone for the washing of the material and with equipment of sterilization, stove and autoclave, in order to be able to reuse some materials in order to offer the maximum quality of service and in the best conditions.

Each type of material has its specific compartment and in particular veterinary medicines and hormones which are housed in a special cabinet for medicinal products. Large capacity for cold storage and frozen sample bank for official tracking.

These installations are designed and organized to give the best support in the storage, supply and recycling of everything necessary to work on the farms with the maximum guarantee.


We offer on farms all in vivo and in vitro embryo transfer services:

  • Preparation and superovulation of embryo donors: We visit the donors, explore them, organize treatments and follow them up and finally decide and organize the best protocol of superovulatory treatment to suit each case.
  • Preparation and synchronization of receivers: we help you select and synchronize them if necessary.
  • Withdrawal of embryos: Flushing of donors (two techniques available), search and evaluation of embryos.
  • Freezing embryo: we do freezing in ethylene glycol for your subsequent Direct Transfer. Each embryo is packaged in a sterile straw identified according to regulation RD841/2011 of 17 June.
  • Conservation and storage in our Embryo Bank.
  • Transfer of the embryos: both fresh and frozen-thawed in all modes: direct transfer, glycerol or vitrified.
  • We select of receptors using ultrasound to increase the performance of the technique.
  • Division of embryos: We use the "splitting" technique to divide each embryo into two halves, before its transfer in fresh.
  • Gender diagnosis of the embryo is available through two techniques: in real time, a biopsy is obtained from each embryo being analyzed using the Kit Sex-Y either a delayed procedure by sending the embryonic biopsy to the molecular genetics lab for PCR analysis.
  • Diagnosis of fetal sex by ultrasound: between 55 and 100 days approx. we can know the sex of the future breeding.
  • We document all procedures by computer processing the data and provide all the necessary certificates for the registration of the calves in the corresponding genealogical book.
  • Documents and administrative formalities for all types of embryo exchange between farms, including export and intraCommunity trade. We are empowered to issue embryo transfer documents within the national territory.
  • Genetic advice and commercialization of embryos through the union with EMBRIOMARKET S.L.