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  • Holstein Embryos Promotion

    14:12, 3 de July de 2019

    Abonxo Quixote California MB85 GICO +37808 MB/EX generations in her pedigree Available embryos with:  Pine-TRe I Pursuit Sexado.From 235 €/embryon.  Consult pedigree, prices and availability at the link: https://app.box.com

  • Red Holstein Promotion

    12:58, 7 de June de 2019

    Agrortegal Axiña Incredib.Red8 generations MB/EX in her pedigree.Scarlet Red\'s Family. Available embryos with:Caudumer SOLITAIR P RedNº1 gRZG ( 12/2018 Red Holstein at Germany) You can see the pedigrees, the available embryos and the prices by doi